WS ❄️ Week 5: K-Showtime's triple double leads Bears to victory in Debut

by Don K

It was another action packed day of matchups this weekend at 4 Quarters Training Facility in Markham. This past Saturday March 25th, the Ballinthe6 League entered its fifth week of the Winter/Spring season, and it was an exciting one. The four-game day started off with the Bears and the Young Goats facing off in what would be Canadian YouTube star K Showtime’s debut for the league. Suiting up for the winless Bears, Showtime joined his new teammate and longtime friend Tavonn Mars in leading the charge against the Young Goats, also entering the afternoon’s matchup winless. It was a generally even scoring game, and a scrappy one at that. It looked like exactly what it was; two teams aggressively trying to notch their first win. The Young Goats’ Rod Robinson was hot from beyond the arch, where 6 of his 13 made field goals were scored en route to his career high 38 points in the battle. Andrew Clarke took down 10 rebounds, and Nathan Luyeye contributed with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals for the Young Goats, but the firepower of the league’s newest dynamic duo in K Showtime and Tavonn Mars was too much for the Young Goats to outlast. Showtime finished his debut with an 18 point, 11 assist and 12 rebound triple-double, while Tavonn ended the contest with 29 points to go along with 7 rebounds as the Bears picked up the 67-63 dub in what would be their first win of the season.